WhatsApp Business API is essentially an additional factor for growing and extending the reach and awareness of your business through social media. 

But why use WhatsApp, an intimate application instead of more business-oriented platforms like Facebook or Instagram?Simply, because according to the stats of 2014, WhatsApp has been growing faster than other meta applications like Facebook and Instagram, having over 2 million users all across the globe.

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The safe side of using WhatsApp Business API concerning your customer and your business is that you can start conversing with only those who are actually interested in your services. 

They may be customers who reach out to you through the WhatsApp link that you scatter all across your social handles or website. You may also deal with businesses or individual customers who could be potential buyers of your products or services. 

Either way, communication is built only when it is two-way, hence is a feasible option to boost your services. 
WhatsApp Business API integration companies use this platform as a tool for enhancing customer services and it is indeed a constructive step since you can initiate the chatbot settings, take genuine feedback, and thrive to work accordingly. This asset also works wonders in keeping your consumers engaged and updated.

What is a WhatsApp Business API?

In simple terms, WhatsApp Business API is a tool used for either promoting your brand and services or initiating customer support in an effective manner. 

WhatsApp Business API is quite different from the WhatsApp Business App in terms of the size and demands for handling your business. 

Your company will require a WhatsApp Business API if you want to assign the task of handling multiple queries to a team rather than just one individual. WhatsApp Business API integration companies tend to explore new heights through the incomparable features that this application offers.

You can launch campaigns, get feedback through automated questions, improve the scalability and promote the reach of your brand through WhatsApp Business API. 

Additionally, the advanced attributes of this app allow your team to manage several customers all at once. You can further use it for marketing and sales apart from just boosting customer services. 

Although WhatsApp Business API is much more advanced than the regular business app, it can be complex as well and so, you will need to get business software installed before working with the API.

Once you have the application, you can move toward getting the verification badge. It not only makes your business authentic but also helps your customers to reach out to you easily.

Whatsapp marketing for e-commerce

If you own an e-commerce business, your WhatsApp Business API integration company is going to be your most powerful asset in increasing sales. You can utilize the platform for upgrading your marketing game and communicate with your customers or potential buyers through chatbots, occasional questionnaires, and even discount updates. 

As already mentioned in the above section, WhatsApp is the go-to place for reaching out to your customers. Hence, your e-commerce business needs to design the proposals and ads in such a way that their hang-out hub actually becomes a source of profit for your company. 

Integrating your e-commerce business services with the WhatsApp Business API is also believed to improve the entire customer experience, hence resulting in better sales on your part and a sense of satisfaction on the part of your customers. 

However, you also don’t want to overdo the marketing and promotions since people don’t encourage a new pop-up every day. Sending across questionnaires, daily deals, and new updates on a very frequent basis can actually cause the purchasers to drive away. 

What your e-commerce business can opt for to induce a healthy WhatsApp marketing is, creating a posting calendar that is neither too overwhelming nor too neglectful for the customers.

Why should your business have a WhatsApp verified badge?

A WhatsApp verified badge is crucial for increasing the credibility and authenticity of your brand in the impression of your audience. Having a verified WhatsApp basically means that your business account is considered official and recognized, eventually resulting in customer trust. 

Another importance of getting a WhatsApp verified badge is that it helps your business account to gain more visibility and reputation, attracting new customers to your brand. 

Additionally, if your business account is verified, there are very less chances of you getting blocked by your customers, hence resulting in more opportunities for you to serve them and clear misunderstandings through healthy communication and feedback. 


Although businesses do not go for WhatsApp branding in the first place, this platform can indeed result in an incrementation in your sales because of its intimacy, trustworthiness, and a growing number of users on a yearly basis. 

The final factor that would compel your business account to apply for the verification badge is the increased ROI. 

How to carry out effective customer service to generate revenue

Effective customer service is an essential part of a healthy business organization and so, you must focus on improving this aspect along with the core factors like marketing, campaigning, etc. 

The foremost aspect you must consider for boosting customer service is getting frequent feedback from them and actually making changes in your system accordingly. Responding to their queries and taking steps for betterment is the key to a healthy and effective customer experience.

However calling is a feasible option for solving complaints, most people find messaging convenient and so, you must have an active message option. You must also try to be more approachable to your buyers, this will improve the engagement rate and showcase that your brand actually cares for its audience. 

Now, your WhatsApp Business API integration company cannot be providing personalized solutions to each and every customer hence, the best idea would be to create automated responses. This will not only save your workers time but also enable them to focus on more important and different queries. 

You can focus on customer service through the features of your WhatsApp Business API. A good customer service plan demands transparency, which you can provide by giving them access to the real-time status of their WhatsApp Business API products and a very close estimation of the delivery date in case you own a product-based business. 

The final factor that would compel your business account to apply for the verification badge is the increased ROI. 

Guiding factors to get your WhatsApp verified

To get your account verified, you first need a WhatsApp Business API account along with software to run it on since it doesn’t work by itself. Once you get the perfect software installed, you can apply for the verification badge by getting in touch with any WhatsApp ISV.

You need to select the account that you want to get verified and then click on the support option. It will lead you to a series of queries, you want to choose the Request official business account and fill the form up. 

It takes about 3 to 4 days for the WhatsApp team to give your account a business verification badge. To incline this process more towards yourself, you can showcase content and formal papers that tells about your business is authentic and trustable by your previous customers, workers, and collaborating companies if any. 

Once verified, you can enjoy the perks of a verified WhatsApp Business API account and provide your customers with an unmatchable service!

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