Influencer-Marketing in-2021

Influencer Marketing, For the past years, companies have used and approach famous faces to market their products.

(From Print ads to TV commercials) But the demand is nothing new. As the technology advanced marketers moves to digital, majority of the marketers are in the hurry to uplift their marketing and advertisement game in a whole new way.

Consumers prefer authenticity over traditional marketing. They strategically move their buying concept by bringing focus on ratings, reviews and testimonials. That’s where the emerging notion of INFLUENCER MARKETING plays

Come, let’s peek out to the subject matter of Influencer Marketing and its pros and cons:


Influencer marketing uses people who are able to create quality content ,handle the power of popularity, expertise and authority to make out the consumers to take an action. (like to make a purchase, or something which in turns to a lead conversion). People having a Solid followers, and following in online are the key element to promote business.  


  1. As compared to traditional forms of Digital Marketing, Influencer marketing delivers 11x higher ROI
  2. As the result from the promotional content, twitter user reports that a 5.2x increase in purchase.
  3. Approximate 40% of users say that, they have purchased an item through online, by seeing it used by an influencer on Instagram, Twitter, and You Tube.

From the above points, we could get a vivid idea about the role which plays by an individual by acting as an Influencer. Isn’t it? As it has positive side, influencer marketing also deals with some sort of uncertainty

  1. The Uncertainty of Results: Once you found out an influencer with a good profile and who has published a successful post, it might be not sure to get that same volume of engagements and reach for every post.
  • Choosing the Wrong Influencer: Choosing the best influencer for your marketing is quite difficult.  It takes some time, effort and money investment to clear the path. Somehow, if done wrong, it can cause great damage to the reputation of your brand.
  • Fake Followers: Instagram is cracking down on this matter. Users have been able to cheat and buy thousands of fake followers, known as bots.


The best way to find  the right influencer for your brand is through research, if you find any influencer on social media with a rich profile and think it is a good fit, go and check out their more info, follow up visit their blogs, check comments on their posts / You Tube channel videos etc . Ask them to provide the details about their post engagement and reach, make sure their social posts have an equal amount of engagements compared to their follower count.

In conclusion, Influencer Marketing provides an effective strategic approach to reach out the target audience through multiple channels of social media. The next phase of the Influencer Marketing will continue to grow. But the matter right now is deal with “how it change and evolve with consumer demand”. Although it is fully packed with  advantages and disadvantages, it’s scope is widening better than expected.

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